The first team to conquer the King claims the crown.

V:King, made from all natural northern hardwoods, is an easy to learn game that can be played by people of all ages anywhere you have a flat, open space.  Each set, which consists of one King, four Field Markers, six Battle Axes, ten Shields, a canvas storage bag and a rules sheet, is cut and sanded by hand by a Vermont woodworker.

V:King is based on a centuries old Swedish Viking game, Kubb, that continues to gain popularity across the globe.  Play V:King on your lawn, in a park, at the beach or even on snow.  Age, strength and speed are unimportant... enthusiasm is!  A mix of luck, skill and strategy make V:King a unique outdoor game for family and friends.

The object of V:King is simple.  Use your Battle Axes to topple all of your opponent’s Shields; the first team to conquer the King claims the crown.

**Click here to see V:King in action!**

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