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V:King is perfect for your next backyard BBQ, a day at the beach or an afternoon at the park with your kids.  It is an excellent thank you gift for your weekend hosts or corporate clients, an original wedding present, an ideal way to celebrate a housewarming and the perfect game for your high school grad to take to college.  Plus, V:King is always appreciated on Birthdays and Father's Day, too. 

V:King is inspired by a centuries old Swedish game.  The origins are not officially known, but the preeminent theory is that the Vikings spent the long Scandinavian summer nights playing the game.  It remains popular among Swedes today; a Swedish summer house or gathering is not complete without a set!

The island of Gotland, off of Sweden's southeastern coast, has long been tied to the game and annually hosts the World Championships.  The simple, yet highly entertaining game has gained much popularity beyond the island and is spreading across the globe.  Play V:King today and see what the Vikings were on to years ago.