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Swing a Ring Set Includes:





Swing a Ring Set Up:

  • Mount your custom back board on a wall or flat surface approximately four (4) feet from the ground using one (or two) provided mounting strip pairs.

    • Tips for applying mounting strips:

      • Wipe wall with rubbing alcohol. Do not use household cleaners or water.

      • Remove one side of liners. Stick on Swing a Ring backboard. Press firmly.

      • Remove remaining liners. Press Swing a Ring backboard firmly to wall.

  • Mount the eye hook block onto the ceiling approximately four (4) to five (5) feet from the wall using the third mounting strip set. (follow steps above)

  • Place the ring on the hook and tie the free end of the string through the eye hook leaving a touch of slack in the string. You may need to take some practice swings and adjust the length of the string as needed to ensure that the ring can catch the hook.

  • The game becomes more difficult the longer the string is, so if you find the game is too challenging or your ceilings are high or slanted, you may need to move the eye hook closer to the game board or possibly adjust the height the game board based on your ceiling height.

    • Tips for removing mounting strips:

      • Grasp the bottom of the backboard and peel it from wall lifting out and up. Do not pull straight off.

      • To remove the remaining mounting strips slowly stretch the tab at the end of the strip straight against the wall at least 15 inches (38 cm) to release.

Playing Swing a Ring:

  • Play with as many or few players as you like.

  • Take turns swinging the ring and trying to catch it on the hook.

  • Each person takes ten (10) swings (or however many you decide on) and keeps track of how many times they hook the ring. Players earn one (1) point for each hook. No points are earned for just making contact with the hook. No hooks, no points.

  • Make sure each player gets the same amount of swings and the first player to 21 is the winner. Or you can make your own house rules to shorten or lengthen the game, we just happen to like 21.

  • Make up your own rules: points for a hit, swing only with your non-dominate hand, win by two, increase or decrease the number of points needed to win a game or round, play best of three, the options are endless…