Gift Guide for Dad

Dads can be tough to buy for and everyone knows that the feigned appreciation for yet another tie or pair of boxers is just that, Dad's attempt at making you feel good.  To help you out we have put together a few of our favorite products that we know Dad will truly love.

The Great Scrape's Woody Paddle $35 

The Great Scrape is an all natural BBQ cleaning tool, the perfect alternative to the old metal wire brush.  Ever bit into a burger and had a nasty bristle make your old metal filling zing?  Not cool. The Woody Paddle custom grooves with use over time to uniquely fit your grill without having to worry about ingesting metal bristles or wrecking your grill grates. Made of solid hard wood and designed to last for years of BBQs featuring Dad's famous ribs.

Finn Utility's Essex Side Bag $230

Finn Utility is all about tradition, high-quality materials, and beautiful, yet functional products made by hand in the US.  The Essex Bag, featuring gorgeous waxed canvas, leather and brass is classic simplicity at its finest.  If Dad loves to spend his down time in his waders this is perfect gift to transport all of his fishing gear. Durable and thoughtfully designed, Dad will enjoy this for a lifetime and then pass it down to you.

Wilde Games' V:King Lawn Game $104

Let Dad reign as King of the backyard.  V:King is a wooden lawn game based on a classic Swedish pastime that is said to date back to the time of Vikings: think cornhole, horseshoes and bocce rolled into one fabulous and many times more entertaining game. V:King combines classic Scandinavian design with quality Vermont craftsmanship.  It can be played almost anywhere outdoors and requires very little set up.  V:King is the perfect game for families and friends and can be enjoyed by all ages.  Dad (plus friends and family) will need a combination of strategy, precision, luck and perhaps a cold beverage in hand.

PerfectPatina's Vintage Golf Club Bottle Opener $39

Dads like to hit the links then enjoy a few craft brews while they reminisce (or fume) about their drive on 16.  These upcycled driver heads combine both of these loves with a nod to the simpler days on the fairways by converting the vintage golf clubs into a bottle opener that's perfect for the 19th hole or the Man Cave.

PatentPrints' Zamboni Patent Poster Starting at $7

PatentPrints converts vintage patents into beautiful, conversation starting art.  Patents featured are immediately recognizable, many of the drawings are of the things we use everyday, including countless inventions that have impacted our lives throughout history.  Other items featured: boat propellers, lego pieces, musical instruments, engines, sporting equipment... you're sure to find something that Dad connects with.  Plus, if Dad (or anyone else you know) is an inventor themselves PatentPrints will create a lovely piece from their very own patent.

Ursa Major's Stellar Shave Kit $60

Unless your Dad is in the NHL vying for the Stanley Cup chances are he has to shave before he shows up to work.  Ursa Major is dedicated to formulating products that provide a healthy (read natural and toxin-free) and highly effective skin care solutions that feel and smell fantastic.  Gift Dad with a gorgeous black walnut razor and some stellar shave cream and face balm.  He deserves a little pampering, too.